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At The Track presented by
TALLADEGA, AL --- Talladega is one of the fastest most competitive race track in NASCAR. With record speeds and winners here, Talladega is the perfect venue for the EA Sports 500. Dale Earnhardt Jr. looks to win his 4th consecutive race at Talladega.

Then there is " The Big One ".

The Big One is a huge wreck waiting to happen. It's always lurking the track on raceday. It may strike, or it may not, but it's always in the back of the drivers minds.

Last year many drivers were involved in the " Big One ". It nearly took out half the field.

So come Labor Day, we will watch and wait until all hell breaks loose NASCAR style. It came at Pocono, at Texas, and Bristol. Will it come at Talladega? Find out 1:30 PM ET On FOX   The EA Sports 500