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Kenseth Wins The Budweiser Shootout at Daytona
By G Cihak 4:55 PM ET

DAYTONA BEACH, FL--- Matt Kenseth outdid the field all night long finishing 5th in the first race of the Budweiser Shootout. " To tell you the truth I didn't think I had a good enough car even to make it in the feature event" said Kenseth.

With a little bit of luck going his way, on lap 13 of the feature event, Ryan Newman blew his engine and caused a massive wreck to take out the first four cars. Matt Kenseth easily slid under the mess and took position of the lead.

Another misfortune for Ryan Newman resulted in a 12th place finish in the Budweiser Shootout. " We had a great car, and its a shame for the whole team " said Newman. " Were looking forward to the 500" said Newman.

Ryan Newman got involved with Ward Burton on lap 7 when Ward Burton went into turn 2 low and Ryan Newman high. Ryan Newman tagged burton in the back and that took out Newman.